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Success Stories

I first came to Moving Forward Life Services during a period of uncertainty in my life. I have struggled with anxiety for the past 5 years, and while mostly having it under control, I was finding that despite my best efforts to care for myself anxiety was starting to get in the way of my daily life again. Within weeks of starting my sessions with Karmen, I began to confront my issues head on and rebuilding a sense of confidence and security I had been missing. I am making some huge changes in my life, but I am excited and confident in a way I haven't been in a very long time. I feel that I was finally able to understand an accomplish some very important personal growth that I simply could not do on my own. The help I have received here will help me to be the best me I can be, and I am SO GRATEFUL!

-Atlanta, Georgia 

A young woman accompanied by her husband presented to me with a chief complaint of panic attacks occurring both in public and even awakening her from sleep. She experienced anticipatory anxiety worrying about these attacks re-occurring. She had seen her primary care physician who started her on antidepressant medication, anti-anxiety medication, and recommended she seek counseling. We agreed her goal in counseling was to eliminate or at least reduce the severity and frequency of her panic attacks, improve her mood, and continue to remain functional in her job and home life. I initially worked on educating her about what we know and don't know about panic attacks. I met with her and her very supportive husband to educate him on how he could continue to be supportive constructively. We explored the influence of family history, genetic, and past trauma to help her understand why this might be happening to her. Lastly, we focused on developing coping skills to help her manage stress and anxiety using mindfulness-based cognitive-behavioral therapy approach. We gradually reduced the frequency of her visits; and when she, her husband, and her physician, felt she was ready, we ended her therapy with the understanding she could return if needed. She was no longer tearful, hopeless, and anxious. She still had panic attacks, but she said they were milder and were manageable. I will always remember her courage at "facing her demons" and the love between her and her husband. With love, support and perseverance, we can endure, even when life presents us with difficult challenges.

-Atlanta, Georgia